We haven’t done ANY swinging.

I am pretty sure that the swing community hates us.  We are thinking of giving up.

I’ve thought of emailing again and telling them we’re still available.

Hubby might have lost interest in it though so maybe I’ll wait till he thinks about it again.

I’m just mostly home alone these days, working on Korean, and helping hubby’s mom with whatever she wants.

I don’t mind.  I need to start looking into other job opportunities though but hubby is thinking we should probably start thinking about babies.

I guess we are getting old but we still have plenty of time so holding him off as much as possible.  My parents keep asking us to move back before we have kids but I want to live here for as long as we can before kids.  

ANNDDD swing a little before kids.


Going with hubby today to see if we can find something sexy for the both of us to wear at the party this Saturday.

We’re gonna have a lovely valentines day together then Saturday we’re going to spend it with with each other and other people.

I’m not sure if the theme is the same or different but they should email by Friday to tell us.


We’re ready for the next party which will be next weekend.

I’ve already registered us and now it’s time to find something sexy to wear
for the occasion.

I’m considering getting hubby some red “panties” for our big night.

I’m also thinking of going out to buy some lingerie this weekend so maybe
I’ll find a couple set. That would be pretty sexy… no one will forget
we’re together at least!

I finished reading that swingers book and now wondering what else to do.